Cazenovia College Parking Regulations 


NOTICE: – Campus Safety has the ability to perform license plate number / registration searches through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. This ability will enable Campus Safety to determine ownership of vehicles that are parked on College property that do not display current and proper Cazenovia College Parking Permits. If it is determined that a license plate number / registration search is required to ascertain ownership of a vehicle, a $25.00 “DMV Search Fee” will be assessed against the owner of the vehicle in question. This fee will be in addition to any other fees or fines that the vehicle may have already accumulated. 


1.The holders of student and employee parking permits agree to abide by all Cazenovia College parking regulations, as set forth on the College web site - 


2.Students and Employees must register any vehicles before they are parked on College property. Permit applications / permits for employees will be sent through campus mail or may be picked up at the Campus Services Office.  


3.There is a $200 non-refundable fee per year for resident student vehicle registrations.  There is a $100 non-refundable fee per year for commuter student registrations.  Full academic year permits are valid for the period of September 1st through August 31st. There are no partial semester refunds. 


4.Students may have only one (1) vehicle registered on campus at a time, unless prior arrangements have been made with Campus Services and/or Campus Safety. Registration should be completed on-line and fees paid online with a credit/debit card.  Parking Permits will be placed in your campus mailbox. There is NO OVERNIGHT PARKING for non-residential students. 


5.Premium parking is available for residential students at 9 Sullivan Street, the rear of 15 Sullivan Street, and at the rear of Village Suites. Premium parking permits are available ONLY to those students who are residents at 9 Sullivan Street, 15 Sullivan Street, and Village Suites. There is a $300 non-refundable fee per year for a Premium Parking permit. This includes a regular permit and a hang-tag permit that will allow the student to park in the assigned premium lot. The hang-tag permit must be hung from the rear view mirror of the vehicle or the vehicle will be ticketed. The hang-tag permit must be turned into Campus Services at the end of the year. If it is not turned in, the student will be charged a $5.00 replacement fee. There are no partial semester refunds. 


6.Each vehicle must display, on the driver's side rear window, a valid parking permit, provided by the College upon registration. 


7.All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid and current license plate, registration, and inspection, and must have automobile insurance.  Failure to display a valid and current license plate and/or inspection on a vehicle parked on College property constitutes a parking violation. 


8.Students may only park at THE SCHNEEWEISS ATHLETIC COMPLEX (24 hours per day), JEPHSON CAMPUS (until 11pm), or in the designated student premium parking spaces (24 hours). Special extended parking hours are available at Jephson Campus during the two week period coinciding with mid-terms, Finals, and the Fashion Show. Such special extended parking hours will coincide with the hours that students are permitted to be in Jephson A and Jephson B during those periods of time. All other lots are restricted. Having a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space at all times.  


9.Emergency phones are located in the vicinity of each student parking lot. A map of the "Blue Light" emergency phone locations is on the College's website. 


10.Everyone is expected to observe Village laws and respect "NO PARKING" restrictions made by the College, the Village, private citizens, and organizations. 




12.Students and Employees may obtain up to two (2) free Temporary Parking permits per academic year.  Temporary Parking permits are normally valid for a period of up to two (2) weeks, but may be issued for an extended period of time upon a showing of special needs to, and at the discretion of, the Director of Campus Safety (or his or her designee).  Students and employees in need of more than two Temporary Permits per year may obtain any additional Temporary Parking Permits upon request directly to the Director of Campus Safety or his or her designee.  The issuance of any more than two Temporary Parking Permits per academic year to a student or employee is at the sole discretion of the Vice President of Student Affairs or the Director of Campus Safety or his or her designee, whose decision in such matters is final and not appealable. 


13.Violators of parking regulations will be fined.  Vehicles may be immobilized or towed without warning at the owner/operator’s  expense if they have accumulated THREE (3) or more PAID or UNPAID parking tickets during the course of an academic year.  All parking violation ticket fines must either be paid or appealed within seven (7) calendar days of the date of issuance of the ticket.  Parking Ticket Appeals are to be submitted to the Department of Campus Safety.  Appeal forms may be obtained at the Department of Campus Safety office, or on line at the Department of Campus Safety website: ( Student parking fines are to be paid by contacting Enrollment Services at ext. 7888. 


14.Students and Employees are expected to comply with any additional parking regulations and/or restrictions as needed due to special events, construction areas, etc., and to comply with any additional or special parking regulations that may be issued by the Department of Campus Safety. 


15.The College reserves the right to suspend or revoke parking privileges at any time for anyone who fails to cooperate with the above regulations. 


Parking Violation - $25.00 Immobilization - $50.00 Towing - $135.00 minimum DMV Search Fee - $25.00 



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